February 18, 2017, Saturday

It was the 9th day of my dad’s death.

We went to the cemetery to pay him a visit.


After the cemetery, I needed to go to a client.

I had to go to the client’s place and do her make up for her Junior Prom. She’s a young lady excited to attend her first prom. We started doing the makeup and her mom was there supervising everything. I was trying my best to communicate and somehow be bubbly. Then, her dad came in. He was furious to see her daughter getting ready for prom. I was surprised when he started yelling, “you really are trying me, aren’t you? I will go to your school and drag you out there. You want to be the talk of the town, huh?”

At that moment, I thought of my dad. I remembered him as a very supportive father. During my Junior Prom, he was there. He was the one who took me to the hotel and made sure that I’m gonna have a great night. He was there to pick me up after the program to make sure I had a blast. He was so supportive that he was the one who drove me to the salon to have my face made up and my hair done. He has supported me in all my decisions, may it be work-related, social, or just random craziness, he was there to support me. Then, I also remembered that I have attended a prom when I was already in college, yet he was still very supportive. He, again, drove me to the salon, to the hotel, and picked me up after. He was just there all the time.

After those yelling and threats from a father makes me think that I am very special and that I am very very blessed to have my father. I was thinking of talking to the father of my client but I just stopped myself because it might fire back at her. I just spoke to my client and told her, “just enjoy every moment of your prom.” Not all fathers are supportive after all.

My family and the brothers and sisters of my dad decided to have a small gathering for the 9th day of my dad’s death. So we had a small party for dinner with some of my cousins, uncles and aunts, my grandfather, and my nieces and nephews.

It still is better to have a family support your back whether in good times or in bad.


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